Fixed a site bug

It came to my attention -by a regular visitor who mailed me about it; I’m very grateful for- that links above X-Men – Days Of The Future Past after TF4 going nowhere or were just missing. Turned out the amount limit per section was reached and even crossed, […]

Fixed a bug in the Search engine

It came to my attention -of a fan that mailed me- that the Search engine results differd from the referred clips, meaning the wrong clips were linked to the wrong search links. Found out that some (small) archive files used for the Search engine were missing so I […]

General news and changes update policy

Hello all and welcome back to another year of updates ^^ First things first for the ones coming here in the first place about changes in the update policy: Yes, the interval between updates is extended from one month to two months. The reasons I can give you […]

Webhost trouble

Hello all, Because I got a very big bill of my original webhost I decided to move the website to another webhost that claimed to have unlimited webspace and bandwidth. In practice this was just in certain cases and meant you just got 25 GB webspace (instead of […]

New blog

Unfortunately due to some fiddling with the database for creating a separate database for the new site layout that a friend is trying to set up – the same friend that set up the original layout that is still in use – the old one got lost. Well […]