General news and changes update policy

Hello all and welcome back to another year of updates ^^

First things first for the ones coming here in the first place about changes in the update policy:

Yes, the interval between updates is extended from one month to two months.

The reasons I can give you for this (for some of you very suddely) change is that I find it harder to keep up with the amount of media to check out due to in real life obligations like work. In the past I was unemployed for a long time because my autistic disorder (PDD-NOS) made it almost impossible to get a proper job. This however has changed since 3 years. I found a company who -after having adjusting problems and dealings with other people in general- kept believing in me. I assemble mostly desktop game computers, fix them if costumers have problems with it and do occasional costumer support by mail and website chat.

I have now less time and energy to work on processing media for TFs. I still enjoy doing it but it is harder to get things done in time. Also I had a covid19 infection last spring which also has some unwanted side effect like a semi cold that is still present and lack of energy. And I get 41 in november which also might be a cause for less energy.

In short: the interval between updates is extended but the amount of titles (not clips) is also when I do update; from 18 in a monthly update to 25-30 in the new update policy.

Thank you for your understanding and appreciation.

With kind regards,

Dutch_Bull ^^

4 thoughts on “General news and changes update policy

  1. Glad to hear you made it up with your life 😀 Don’t worry about updates, your healt is more important. Keep on going

  2. Hey Dutch,

    Thanks for the clarification! I am glad to hear that you are doing well in a new position and happy to hear you succeeding. Since you are doing this as a free service to begin with…I am more than appreciative when you update at your own time to begin with.

    Hope you have much success and enjoy!

  3. Hi Dutch,

    Can you also redo some past videos or remaster the past videos in HD or 4K for several videos which previously was AVI or gone? Have been a fan for this site for a long time.

    Take care in the meantime.

    1. It depends if the movie or tv series source is also available in HD or 4k quality. The last couple of years many movies and/or tv series that were added in lower then HD720 quality have been replaced by HD versions.

      In updates these movies or tv series are referred to as “Remasterd in HD720/HD1080/HD2160” quality

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