Webhost trouble

Hello all,

Because I got a very big bill of my original webhost I decided to move the website to another webhost that claimed to have unlimited webspace and bandwidth. In practice this was just in certain cases and meant you just got 25 GB webspace (instead of 200 GB at my current webhost) and 225 GB bandwidth per month. Yeah I know, I should have read the little letters :/

I could terminate the order of the new webhost but unfortunately because it is a .com domain you have to wait another 60 days to get a move code from the ICANN organisation that’s responsible for the domains. Until than I can’t access the files on the web server or upload any clips 🙁

With some luck I can access the webspace somewhere at the end of September. So I hereby postphone the September update to the 1st of October.

On the bright side: because I decided to stay with my original webhost, of which I’m already a costumer for over 12 years, I got a big discount.

Hope to see you all back in October

Edit (29 September 2021): Got acces to the files on my website again 😀 Launching an emergency update.

3 thoughts on “Webhost trouble

  1. Sorry to hear about web-hosting trouble. Have you considered adding a donation button to your site? I’m sure some of us fans would be very happy to contribute to the site’s upkeep.

    I’ll look forward to your October update. I’ve just updated the Male Transformations Blog but probably won’t update again until late November.

    1. well yeah…like you Americans (assuming you live there) say: shit happens :/

      I could add a donate button but rather don’t. It’s more a pride issue and besides..if you are willing to negotiate with companies for a discount when you are long time costumer, most are willing to give it.

      Most Dutch people are not used to negotiate with companies or in stores about the price. I think its some kind of taboo while according to Dutch law you are allowed to do it.

  2. Sorry to hear about web-hosting trouble. I hope that you can save your side. I have always valued them very much.

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