Christmas update!

In advance of Christmas is here the Christmas update (duh) The following clip links refer to the images in the image banner on the TFDimension website (from left to right) december_2023_1.jpg –> Island (2022) S01E01 Episode 1 TF december_2023_2.jpg –> The Nutcracker And The Magic Flute TF2 december_2023_3.jpg […]

August update is here!

Summer break is over so here is a new year of updates ^^ Here are the clips linked to images in the image bar (from left to right) July_1_2023.jpg —> Banished From The Heros Party I Decided To Live A Quiet Life In The Countryside S01E02 The Princess […]

Fixed a site bug

It came to my attention -by a regular visitor who mailed me about it; I’m very grateful for- that links above X-Men – Days Of The Future Past after TF4 going nowhere or were just missing. Turned out the amount limit per section was reached and even crossed, […]

Spring update is here!

And here are the clips referring to the images in the image bar (from left to right) March_2023_1.jpg –> Bastard Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy S01E01 The Arrival TF March_2023_2.jpg –> The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn As A Typical Nobody S01E03 The Demon Lords Play TF March_2023_3.jpg –> […]

Fixed a bug in the Search engine

It came to my attention -of a fan that mailed me- that the Search engine results differd from the referred clips, meaning the wrong clips were linked to the wrong search links. Found out that some (small) archive files used for the Search engine were missing so I […]

General news and changes update policy

Hello all and welcome back to another year of updates ^^ First things first for the ones coming here in the first place about changes in the update policy: Yes, the interval between updates is extended from one month to two months. The reasons I can give you […]

June update is here

Also the last update before the summer break 🙁 Here are the links to the clips referring to the images in the image banner (from left to right) June_2022_1.jpg ==> Inside Job S01E01 Unpresidented TF June_2022_2.jpg ==> The Box Of Delights (1984) S01E05 Beware Of Yesterday TF June_2022_3.jpg […]

April Fools!

Oh no! It isn’t! 😉 Here are the imagelinks referring to the images in the image banner (from left to right) April_2022_1.jpg => Jouran – The Princess Of Snow And Blood S01E04 Confidential File 099 Kuchinawa TF April_2022_2.jpg => Rabbids Invasion – Special Mission To Mars TF2 April_2022_3.jpg […]

March update is here!

Also updated the images in the image banner for the coming April update. Other news: at the moment suffering from a covid19 infection but recovering gradually. No need to be alarmed; been fully vaccinated, got my booster vaccination at the start of this year and the new omicron […]

February update is here

And also the image links referring to images in the imagebanner (from left to right) February_2022_1.jpg ==> Gleipnir S01E01 Something Inside Me TF3 February_2022_2.jpg ==> Just Beyond S01E05 Unfiltered TF February_2022_3.jpg ==> Revamped TF February_2022_4.jpg ==> The Yin Yang Master TF1 Enjoy and see you next time ^^