August update is here!

Summer break is over so here is a new year of updates ^^

Here are the clips linked to images in the image bar (from left to right)

July_1_2023.jpg —> Banished From The Heros Party I Decided To Live A Quiet Life In The Countryside S01E02 The Princess Who Did Not Join The Heros Party TF

July_2_2023.jpg —> Megiddo – The Omega Code 2 TF

July_3_2023.jpg —> Race (2007) TF2

July_4_2023.jpg —> Skinwalkers (2006) TF1

Thank you all for your support and hints since the last update in May. I appreciate it! 🙂

See you all back at the next update in October ^^

6 thoughts on “August update is here!

  1. I felt you should know that all 4 clips of “The Howling” are not working correctly. They seem to stop suddenly after some seconds.
    Also, the 2 clips to “Oz, The Great & Powerful” don’t work right either. The videos aren’t showing.

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for letting me know this. Not entirely sure what the issue is causing but my guess they got corrupted when converting them to MP4 years ago.

    Reuploading doesn’t seem to do the trick so I gonna replace them with better quality versions at the next update.

    With kind regards,

    Dutch_Bull ^^

    1. There also seems to be an audio problem with some of your new updates:
      • Ruby Gillman: Teenage Kraken
      • Wolf (2022)

      I can hear the music but not the dialogue.
      There may be more that I missed.

      1. Hey Hey,

        It works fine on my side. Since the linked versions are 4k and pretty big downloads I advise you to pause the video for a moment and then start playing it again so you have some buffer.

        If you find any other issues please mail them to
        I rarely check this blog for comments.

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