can’t play any videos in the preview screen

Lately I cleared some old (non used) website files from the website and unfortunatly deleted the play bar of the preview window aswell, causing videos not to play. Uploaded the play bar again and things seem to be working again. Thanks for the fan for texting me about this ^^

Last update before the summer break

Hello all, Here’s the last update before the summer break. Also renewed the images in the imagebar as teasers for the September update. See you all back in September :3 Dutch_Bull

May update

…is here :3 Enjoy June update will be the last update for the summer break. Fixed a broken link under Links after someone pointed me on it. Will post some new teaser images at the next update as a teaser for after the summer.

Posted by on May 1, 2019

April update is here + image links

So April update is here. And here are the links that refer to the images in the imagebar (from left to right) April_2019_1 —> Parasyte – The Maxim S01E09 Beyond Good And Evil TF April_2019_2 —> Bal Ganesh 3 TF3 April_2019_3 —> Slice TF1 April_2019_4 —> Legends Of The Hidden Temple TF1

March update is here!

Another month, another update ^^ So here is the March update. Also replaced the images on the image bar with new teaser images. Will post the links to it at the April update. Enjoy, Dutch_Bull

February update is here + links to images

A day later then usual but here is the February update. Here are also the names of the clips that link on the images in the image bar (from left to right) Feb1_2019 —> Mighty Med S02E04 The Claw Prank Redemption TF Feb2_2019 —> Luis And The Aliens TF3 Feb3_2019 —> Legend Of The Demon […]

A note about the February update

In contradiction with the normal procedure (every first of the month an update) the February update will be launched a the second of February. This is because I’m on holiday in the week before the update and will return somewhere around the first of February. Thank you for your understanding.

new teaser images

Put om some new teaser images in the imagebar for the February update.To which clips they refer will be revealed in that update. greetz, Dutch_Bull :3