Testing New Website Player – update

Due to the fact Flash will meet its end of life date at the end of this year, the old website player has been replaced with a new HTML5 player. The new HTML5 player is functioning well but a drawback is that it doesn’t support avi and wmv files and also some mp4 files with […]

Testing new preview player

As some of you have noticed the support for Flash video player will end next month. As a result of this the old preview screen player on TFDimension will be upgraded to a new (open source) HTML5 player which only supports MP4 video files. This means AVI and WMV clips won’t play in it and […]

Happy Halloween

Here’s the Halloween update of this year. Hope you enjoy the many spooky TFs >:) Here are the links referring to images in the image banner (from left to right) halloween_2020_1.jpg –> Creepshow S01E02 Bad Wolf Down TF halloween_2020_2.jpg –> Suburban Commando TF2 halloween_2020_3.jpg –> Sym-Bionic Titan S01E06 Shaman Of Fear TF halloween_2020_4.jpg –> The […]

October (the first) update is here

Another month, another update. This update is an appetizer for the coming Halloween update on 31st of October. So expect a lot of horror TFs. Also updated the image banner with new images. The clips referring to these images will be posted in the Halloween update blog later this month.

September update

Here’s the September update with the following links to the images in the image bar (from left to right) Image 1 = Space Dandy S01E03 Occasionally Even The Deceiver Is Deceived Baby TF Image 2 = Evil Angel TF4 Image 3 = Promare TF Image 4 = The Field Guide To Evil TF See you […]

Last update before the summer break

Hello all! Here is the last update before the summer break. The next update is scheduled for the first of September so I won’t be gone for long ^^ Also updated the images in the image banner; the clips referring to them will be published at the September update See you then!

April update is here (no, no April fool)

Here’s the April update ^^ And here are the links to the images in the image banner (from left to right) April_2020_1.jpg –> Meow Love S01E01 The Scruffy Cat And The Cursed High Schooler TF April_2020_2.jpg –> Garo – Fang Of God TF2 April_2020_3.jpg –> White Snake TF2 April_2020_4.jpg –> The Camellia Girl TF1 Anyway […]

March update is here

Here’s the March update. Also replaced the images in the image banner with new ones. Will reveal the clips referring to them in the April update. Enjoy ^^