February update is here + references image banner

Posted by on February 1, 2021

Hello all,

The new February’s update is here and so are the clips referring to the images in the image banner (from left to right)

image 1 –>Blood Blockade Battlefront And Beyond S01E08 Desperate Fight In The Macro Zone Part 1 TF1
image 2 –> Life Size 2 TF
image 3 –> Problem Children Are Coming From Another World Arent They S01E02 Seems Like A Crazy Loli Clad In Japanese Clothing TF
image 4 –> Mr Vampire Saga 4 TF2

See you all back at the March update. Enjoy ^^

2 comments on "February update is here + references image banner"

When are you going to do the idhun chronicles? There are at least three transformation scenes, last I counted. Both on episode four and five.


    Thanks for the hint but Dragoniade already has it on his site. Usually when I post something that he already has it seems kinda wasted time since it doesn’t generate as many hits as a series he doesn’t have.


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