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Posted by on November 18, 2020

Due to the fact Flash will meet its end of life date at the end of this year, the old website player has been replaced with a new HTML5 player.

The new HTML5 player is functioning well but a drawback is that it doesn’t support avi and wmv files and also some mp4 files with the wrong audio codec, meaning they will play but without sound (this is only the case with the new HTML5 player – you still can download them and play them on your computer, smart phone and/or tablet).

Because MP4 clips are bigger than Flash ones I decided to turn the auto load feature off; this means when you play a clip in the video player it can stutter because the video buffer will only be loaded when the clip actually plays. This because I don’t want to harass my webhost with the extra bandwidth traffic.

Fortunatly the MP4 format has been standard to TFDimension for some time now and many of the old avi and wmv files have been replaced by new (HD) versions it.

However all the old clips that don’t meet the requirements of the new HTML5 player have to be converted to MP4. The coming months all videoclips in the Episode, Misc, Documentaries and Movies sections of the website will be checked and if needed replaced. Though the converting is mainly done with a video converter program that can convert in batches, the checking and such has to be done manually and will take some time.

Also some videoclips will remain online even if they don’t play on the HTML5 player; those videoclips will be replaced by HD ones in the future.

First things first, I will start converting all the clips in the Episode section.

3 comments on "Testing New Website Player – update"

I just tried the videos again on a different browser and the noise problem seems to be a google chrome exclusive for some reason.


    Hello Mat,

    Could you please tell me (in the comments or by email) which videos produce this problem and which browser add ons you possibly use?

    Thanks in advance,



A load bizarre and consistent noise plays when i click on a link for a video. The video doesn’t even have to play, i just have to be on a webpage with the new player on it and the ungodly sound starts and it won’t stop. I think something is wrong with the audio codec because I can’t find any problem with my end.


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