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Posted by on August 16, 2018

…for most people this news will be a total shock and probably also cause some disbelief.

But I’ve decided in consultation with a tf fan who does webdesign, to convert the site from it’s old state to a more modern…some sort of…youtube clone.

You read it right! The site gets updated to a more useable format.

Because the legality issue of the clips always concerned me, I decided to drop the download option of the clips. Though the majority of the current clips (and future updates) still have some sort of watermark installed in it, this feature also will be dropped.

These changes are needed to get the site ”fair use” ready.

At this moment the site changes need still to be coded and applied, so it takes some time before the new layout is ready.

I understand some of you are angry about this descision but I have no choice if I want to keep on going to make tf clips.

Untill the new layout is ready the old situation remains in effect and the clips still can be downloaded.

UPDATE: youtube clone means it has a similar layout of youtube but no option to upload your own stuff to the site. Though you will be able to rate and post comments on the clips with an account.

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