March update is here!

Posted by on March 1, 2018

Updated the site with new stuff ^^

Also replaced the images in the image bar. Here is a list to which image refers to what clip (from left to right)

Image 1 => Thor – Ragnarok TF1

Image 2 => Transformations (1988) TF2

Image 3 => Monster Island (2017) TF1

Image 4 => Ratpocalypse TF

See you at the April update :3

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Thanks! I will certainly check it out ^^


Just saw trailers for new anime “Mirai of the Future,” which apparently features a boy-into-dog tf. Evidently it’s a transition TF as one shot in the trailers has him with a tail and another on all 4s with a canine face but still clothed. Go to and click on “Preview Video” (after you translate the page) to see the trailers.


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