assembled the february update and..

Posted by on January 12, 2018

…currently working on future updates :3 Also decided to add that documentary that was still in stock to the update.

Ordered some DVDs of movies on eBay. Think I gonna use them in the March update.

All those Meltdown and Spectre patches haven’t affected my video editing/game computer at all in performance. Think the media likes stirring up trouble.

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wel it is more that they are harder to find in numbers, not because I don’t want to (which is never the case; I treat every TF as a TF, gender doesn’t matter)


Cool. I just ask because I regonize that you are upload less female as male tf´s.


wel it is mostly male but also some female tfs


Are it all near male transformations or are there females too?


wel, can’t say it out loud the names of everything because the competition also reads this blog but I can reveal some info about the number of stuff and the species of the February update.

Documentaires: 1 title Episodes: 3 series of which 2 are anime series Movies: 14 titles

Species listed (amongst others):

Anthro Rat TF – male
Anthro Bat TF – male
Demon TF – female
Wolf TF – male
Muscle, Growth, Hulk TF – male
Inanimate to Animate TF – male
Growth TF – male

Update size total: 1,9 GB


Any hints what we will see in the february update?


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