May update is here

Posted by on May 1, 2017

Launched the May update today. Next update and last update of this season is the (first of) June update. Will take a break from there till the first of September 2017. Enjoy ^^

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it would help if you send the titles of that movies to me


Like I said show 50 different scenes from the live action horror gory film transformations, I mean real actors where they’ve done all practical special makeup effects.


Please show 50 different video scenes of the live action goriest, and eeriest horror film transformations. Show many, many films that are similar to (1980) “Altered States” and (1982) “The Beast Within”, but try to show 30 or 50 different scenes that are similar to them. You know, where they used all practical special makeups, bladders, and animatronics effects.


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